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About Us

KT Facility Experts is one of few Minority & Woman-Owned Commercial Cleaning Business in Bellflower, California. Under the authority and guidance of AJ Simmons, founder of CLEAN BIZ NETWORK, KT Facility Experts formed in May 2021. Though new to the business side of things, Co-Owner Kyress has worked in the commercial cleaning industry for over 15 years, including but not limited to, as an Environmental Specialist in local major hospitals such as St. Francis Medical Center. With years of exposure in the industry and practical real-life experiences, he understands the unique needs of facilities who require a clean and safe place.


In addition to Kyress’s experience, Co-Owner/wife Rochelle, is a Registered Nurse who knows first-hand how essential a clean space serves and how it can truly be a matter of life and death for many. During the 2020 pandemic, nurses were well praised for putting their lives on the line, but Rochelle felt that the Environmental Specialist were the true HERO’s. She witnessed the cleaning staff, including Kyress, work tirelessly to keep EVERYONE safe (patients, nurses, doctors and ALL hospital staff). So, it was a no-brainer for the couple to join forces with a new partnership committing and devoting to the communities commercial cleaning needs. 

We Only Use the Best Cleaning and Disinfection Methods! Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us today for a free estimate. We book quickly, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a price quote as soon as possible to secure your services and reserve your date.

Let's Work Together

KT Facility Experts is using the latest techniques, medical-grade products, and equipment to fight illness-causing viruses and bacteria in our clients’ facilities.Because every building is unique, pricing guidelines are based on work loading, which consists of a list of information for each building, such as room measurements, number of sinks and toilets, type, and dimensions of flooring. Then matching these up with the tasks needed to clean, and the average amount of time needed for each task, thus resulting in quote customization.

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